Dust Constellation/Arcangeli/Isola nell’isola

works in collaboration with Giuseppe De Mattia

Dust Constellation investigates three methods that represent time through random stratification of dust and therefore matter that makes up the atmosphere, air, space. These methods are related to photography as scientific system for fixing something on a surface. As seen in the red lacquer on the wooden beam of the seventeenth century which establishes the secular transformation of the path of woodworm.

This is also realized  as  dust spontaneously deposited on waste photographic film, nominated ‘Dust Collector’ and  is reclaimed through the use of a film scanner, rather than through the camera. There is also the work ‘Dust Constellation’, which reproduces the impression of a night sky and star dust. It is a work in collaboration with the musician Claudio Rocchetti, who gave voice to dust, reproducing the crackling sound of small motes of dust in the grooves of a vinyl record.

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